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Popup Dungeon Pops Up on Kickstarter

You, uh, you feeling okay there, mate?

I’m in that board-gaming mood, readers. The one where the infinite possibilities of pen, paper and manufactured cardboard spread out in front of my mind’s eye. You can do anything! You can be anyone! Shame about all that manual calculation that has to come along with the DIY design and tactility. If only someone, say Triple B Titles, decided to do a Kickstarter that took the customisation of characters and abilities but wrapped it up in a charmingly twee cut-out style.

Gasp! Popup Dungeon is exactly that. I’ve never felt so clairvoyant. They’re after $80,000 of real, non-Monopoly money for what they’re selling as an infinitely creative and replayable game. Hmm.

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