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Running Up That Hill – L4D: I Hate Mountains

Oh, Bill.

I thought about doing an “Is this Left 4 Dead 3?” gag-headline to follow-up Kieron’s GIMPery, but then I realised the entire internet would probably come and burn my house down.

This’ll still be a little contentious, probably – the release of fan campaign (fanpaign?) I Hate Mountains is being heralded as “the first day anyone has played L4D1 in over half a year.” That’s what a guy on Moddb says anyway, the big joker.
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Portal Prelude Mod Sort Of Released

They just want to be friends.

Portal Prelude has been released. The uber-mod that everyone seems jolly excited about is officially out tomorrow, but is already ready for download. Hurrah! Except it’s one of those 24 hour preview deals with FilePlanet. So if you want it today, you’ll have to crawl through their tunnel of blades, spikes and fire, ending in a half hour wait for the download to start. Man! Anyway, rise above it: good news. We’ll offer thoughts on it soon.

Portal: Prelude

Barney: The Apple Years

Oh, your face just then. It was all like WTF ZOMG NO WAY!!!!!! Like, rilly.

Sorry, but this isn’t a reveal of the rumoured official prequel to the gamette that stole our hearts and minds around about this time last year. Instead it’s a mod, but considering pretty much every other Portal mod has been little more than a level pack, this is a particularly ambitious one.

Specifically, it has a storyline. It even has NPCs that aren’t cubes or turrets.
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