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RPS Is Actually Maintained Shocker

Rock, Paper, Shotgun will be down from 9am to 11am (approx, UK time) on the 13th August. This is so we can transfer to our spanky new server, which hopefully won't crash every hour. It's a dream. RPS has grown extremely quickly, and we've far outgrown the server we've been on. The utterly extraordinary folks at Positive Internet have done miraculous things to keep us…

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Thanks: The Positive Internet Company

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has been something of an experiment for the writerly quartet of Gillen, Meer, Rossignol and Walker. Frankly, we hadn't expected it to be quite this busy or exciting, so we hadn't taken any time at all to think about the vastly complicated business of hosting a thriving website on the modern internet. Fortunately we haven't had to, thanks to the expertise and…

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