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Feature: You suck at water

Longing For Walking Simulators Wot You Do Swimming In

I've taken to swimming in a pond. I can only see a few inches into the silty water, but I know it's deeper than I can dive. It is quite cold, and I've learned to exhale when plunging in so air contracting in my lungs doesn't shock me. I tread water to let the cold sink in before I slowly kick away. I swim front…

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Feature: South Vale Tales

Letters From Nowhere: Silent Hills

Dear RPS, There's a place that I sometimes go to but I rarely talk about it. I can't find the words. Maybe the only way to tell you is to go back there and to write everything down in a letter. So here I am. The first time I came to this place, this special place, I didn't have the courage to remain there alone...

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Feature: Way down in the hole

Labyrinths: Deep In The Dungeons Of Daggerfall

This feature was originally published as part of our Supporter Program. Please do sign up for one bonus feature every weekday (plus assorted game-related gifts), selected highlights from which will eventually appear on the main site too. An exploration of the uncanny architecture of Daggerfall's dungeons and the interconnected worlds of Dark Souls. Dungeons, as a concept in games, are one of the great pillars…

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Feature: An Ode To A Spreadsheet

The Videogame Monument I’m Most Proud To Have Built

This isn't about building willies in videogames. Or, well, not literally. I've built castles in Minecraft, multiplayer maps for Half-Life, underground lairs in Dwarf Fortress and, yes, many schlong-shaped monsters in Spore, but the game-related object I'm most proud of creating is a spreadsheet.

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