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Psych! Pro Cycling Manager 2011 Announced

It's a little known fact that the term 'expansion pack' emerged from packs of pro cyclists.

French developers Cyanide Studios might be best known around these parts for fantasy gore-sport Blood Bowl, but they’re also the proud developers behind Pro Cycling Manager, which I imagine is a bit like Princess Maker in that it’s all about supervising a pet human and making them peddle/pedal their ass.

The press release after the jump informs me that Pro Cycling Manager: Tour de France 2011 will feature an improved 3D engine, more in-depth sponsorship management and updated AI that will boast “unpredictable behavior in the pack”. I can see it now- the AI front runner is overcome with a crippling bout of ennui, and stops cycling altogether. There! Zoom in with the camera- a tiny polygonal tear is forming in his eye. There there, imaginary cyclist. It’ll be alright. Full press release after the jump, and thanks to Blues for the tipoff.
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