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Probability 0 Is A Brutal Platformer With Roguelike Charms

Obviously, it's running on Unreal Engine 5.

I sort of hate Probability 0. Not in a bad way, though! I just played a bit of the never-ending roguelike platformer’s freeware version, and it was a very, er, humbling experience. And by “humbling,” I mean there was a lot of cursing, a few sweat-and-spittle-drenched moments of despair, and loud cries of “Fuck this, I quit forever,” followed by instant presses of the retry button. In other words, it’s exactly what you’d expect from a night of torrid passion/sensual life-or-death knife-fighting between a tough-as-nails platformer and a mean-spirited roguelike – randomly generated levels, leveling up, and all. And soon, it’ll be getting a full, non-freeware (read: for money) version with heaps of new features. I’m screaming obscenities at my cat in anticipation.

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