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Dreamy moonlight shadow knights in Lunem prototype


Lunem [ page] is a ProcJam-inspired work in progress (to the point where it’s more of a sketch than a game – a proto-game, perhaps?) but I wanted to talk about it because the protogame shows off a lovely dream-like shadow puppet-ish art style and even if the game never gets any further I’m glad the idea exists. Read the rest of this entry »

Free Loaders: You are terrible at skateboarding

Three villages have been destroyed after a pack of free games escaped from a local “game jam” this week. The rabid games have been spotted roaming the British countryside, leaving a wake of terror and confusion everywhere they go. Some are thought to have originated from ProcJam. If you spot any of the following free games, do not engage. Back away slowly, locate an escape route and avoid eye contact, if applicable.
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Oil painting drift into being with The Exhibition of Babel

The Exhibition of Babel

One more ProcJam gem and then I’ll get on with my transcriptions, I promise. This one is The Exhibition Of Babel [ page] – a procedurally generated landscape of abstract oil paintings which come into being as you look at them. Read the rest of this entry »

Generate simple planets with Planetoids tool


Hooray! I’ve been keeping an eye on Tom Betts’ Twitter account to see whether Planetoids [ page] – his planet generation tool – would make it onto the internet instead of just providing lovely screenshots. It has! All praise ProcJam for giving me things to play with. Read the rest of this entry »