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Feature: DEV is HARD

A dictionary of Baba Is You’s most difficult words

Baba Is You is a push-block puzzler in which words change the rules of the game. Push a baba block next to an is, and then push a you on the end, and now you’re controlling a four-legged, long-eared critter. Add another rule, flag is win, and you can beat the level by moving Baba on to the flag.Baba Is You is therefore a game…

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Gladiabots moves towards the singularity and out of early access

Future-robosport programming game Gladiabots launches today after a trip through early access. Developed by GFX47, it's a hands-off strategy game. You line up your squad of 4-8 killbots, painstakingly program their AI to fit the play-mode, wind them up and let them go. Intimidating as that sounds, it's accessible even for people who have never written a line of code, with a flowchart-based programming interface…

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Feature: "I'm in"

How Exapunks represents hacking without limits

It’s pretty obvious that the excellent Exapunks is a game about hacking. Specifically, it’s a game about programming viruses and sending them into networked systems to monkey around with data, set in a great alternative 90s Wired cyberworld of PC cases flashed with black and red decals and zines set in Apple Garamond.For its makers, though, Exapunks is a game about limitations. Its format is…

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Tomorrow Corporation’s 7 Billion Humans is out now

I'm not much of a programmer but I do like when Zachlikes dress the logic as e.g. making a pretty machine, so I'm especially pleased that the latest from Tomorrow Corporation remakes programming as something I'm intimately familiar with: bossing people around. 7 Billion Humans, the follow-up to their 2015 game Human Resource Machine, has just launched. It has us program a parallel computer which…

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Program deathbots to play sportsball in Gladiabots, out in early access now

If, like me, you're too rubbish at coding to get anywhere in Exapunks (won't stop me from trying though), but love the idea of programming a swarm of robot minions to do your bidding, then Gladiabots might be for you. Released into early access on Steam today, it's a game about using visual flowcharts to program the AI of a team of heavily armed robots.…

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Feature: No, making games is definitely hard

Making a game in PICO-8: Shooting frogs

This is the fourth part of my diary about making my first-ever game, using PICO-8 [official site]. Since No Frog Left Behind now has a frog and a player moving on lily pads, it’s finally time to implement the game’s core mechanic, the ability to push the frog across the map with a bullet. Because this is a game about pushing frogs into boxes.

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Feature: Making games is easy

Making a game in PICO-8: Bashing against collision

This is the third part of my diary about making my first-ever game, using PICO-8 [official site]. So No Frog Left Behind now has a map and you can move the player around. But I’m now on my third big session on it and I’ve got a long way to go before there’s any kind of game there. Key to getting an actual game running…

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Feature: Making games is difficult

Making a game in PICO-8: Getting stuff moving

This is the second part of my diary about making my first-ever game, using PICO-8. Yesterday, I grappled with ideas and fiddled around with code enough to realise that most of them are beyond me. But now I have a concept I think I can make: a game in which you push frogs into boxes. It’s called No Frog Left Behind.And yet... I have no…

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Space Antics With Programmable Computers In 3001SQ

As someone who can't program computers, online space colonisation game 3001SQ [official site] is awfully intimidating. Exploring the galaxy, building planetside industrial colonies, and hanging around space stations sound nice and all, but being able to write code for your in-game ship and devices is what overwhelms me. Playing the small tech demo released to support its Kickstarter campaign, I ended up rebooting my spaceship…

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Feature: Usborne, Yesterday

The RPG Scrollbars: Usborne Origins

Earlier this month, Usborne re-released something very special - its iconic 80s books on game programming. Talk about nostalgia in PDF format. I remember these so well, particularly the two that my junior school had back in the day - Write Your Own Fantasy Games and Write Your Own Adventure Programs. They're a genuine slice of UK game development history, not so much because of…

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