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Razer Announces Easy-To-Upgrade Project Christine

My PCs' names are DarkLord (with sporty pink background!) and Sir Face. What are yours?

Razer’s latest bit of PC mad science might look like an alien ribcage, but it aspires to big things. For those of us who worship at The Impossibly Tall Altar Of Horace, building a PC is a routine task, but those who’ve yet to realize the stars in the sky are merely his universe-nourishing teats aren’t as keen on it. There are cards and motherboards and cooling systems and cases and wires. Sure, the process might be easier than ever, but it’s still not the sort of thing you see grandmothers doing in place of jigsaw puzzles (well, except for really, really cool grandmas). With Project Christine, Razer wants to make PC upgrades simple for everyone. But also, you know, probably proprietary.

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