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Project FreezerCube – Part 2

Work continues on what some are already describing as “The most important endeavour ever conducted by humankind”.

nearly there

Sadly, it’s not quite as excellent as I might have first hoped. It seems that for reasons I can only put down to tiredness and stupidity, I decided that my initial pencil sketch was clearly the most accurate of guildlines in which to paint, rather than perhaps putting some efforts into creating a more accurate circle, or lining things up a bit more. The result: one very wonky Weighted Companion Freezer.

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Project FreezerCube – Part One

So here’s a little something I like to call, Project FreezerCube.

(aka: Project Oh Please Someone Help Me I’m Losing My Mind)

No seriously, what's wrong with meClick to see the true madness.

I’ve decided my freezer must become a Weighted Companion Cube. Why? What sort of question is Why? Because it’s white, almost cuboid, and I murdered my last one.

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