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Something Else To Fear

A new Project Origin trailer appears, in what appears to be a series attempting to put us off the game as much as possible. This time with 34 seconds of company logos!

We’d show you far more of ourselves, Gametrailers.

More floating down dingy corridors, more sudden cuts to a monster, and then some game footage that could come from any shooter ever. (Although Mr Flippityfloppity looks fun). Come on Monolith! What are you doing?

Project Origin Stuff Originates

What do we want from Monolith’s ropey-named sequel to F.E.A.R.? Apart from less full-stops, obviously. More outdoorsmanship, more personality, more shocks, a much wider variety of angry men, please.

New screenshots suggest big robots. Happy-time! But what does the latest trailer suggest? Clicky below to find out.
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Games for 2008: Project Origin

What are little girls made of? Polygons.

While we’ve previously talked about how weren’t exactly impressed with the name they settled on – though we do like the list of close-but-no-cigars, including the immortal Little Miss Bloodshine – the actual whole story behind the change itself remains perhaps the most fascinating of recent times. Publisher keeping the name while the Developer keeps the engine has happened before, of course (with the separate directions the name and the game of Championship Manager went when Sports Interactive and Eidos split), but in this case it seems even more startling.

That the whole game is working under a new name doesn’t seem as shocking when it’s such a pure-mechanic thing as in the now-Football Manager. It’s just a bunch of numbers. The name isn’t a character. But Project Origin is just… F.E.A.R. 2, in any real way we can measure. It’s got all the iconic elements of the first game, including the bloody girl they stuck on the bloody box.
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The Origin of Speechless

I’m terribly sorry, but I’m going to be a bit of a bitch now.

If I was Monolith and, as a result of a shouting match with my publisher, I now had to make my F.E.A.R. sequel under an entirely different name, I’d have been very, very glad of the opportunity to ditch the childish F.U.L.L.S.T.O.P.S. and come up with something that didn’t sound like the latest Nickleodeon action cartoon for prepubescent boys with successful spin-off toyline, featuring real kung-fu action.

Monolith have been running the ‘Name Your Fear’ competition for a few months now, asking fans of the “any setting you want, so long as it’s grey corridors” FPS to come up with a title for the next game in the F.E.A.R. universe. It could have worked out really rather well, so I was interested to hear that the results are in. It is….

‘Project Origin.’

Yep, it’s one of those electric videogames, alright. They’ve got it right in as much as no-one’s going to guess at it being anything else with a woefully generic ‘sounds a bit like it might have guns in’ title like that.

Fairly certain of what I’d find, I went and typed ‘Project’ into the search box of ever-useful screenshot/release date repository Gamespress. Guess how many games since the year 2000 include that dead-horse of a word?

69. Not including Project Origin. Divide seven years (364 weeks) by that figure, and the numbers have it that a game with ‘Project’ in its title is released on average every five weeks. Good work, chaps.

I’m reminded of a video interview with Ewan McGregor just after the title of the second Star Wars prequel had been announced. Ewan was cheerfully red carpeting for some other movie, and had no idea what the name was – he even sounded quite excited about finding out. The interviewer stutters out that it’s ‘Attack of the Clones.’ The rest of the video is just 30 seconds of McGregor pissing himself laughing.

Anyway, Project Origin does mean that publisher Vivendi’s own inevitable F.E.A.R. 2 (for it kept the name) will sound a thousand times less ridiculous by contrast. The upcoming expansion pack ‘Perseus Mandate’ doesn’t get off quite so lightly, of course.