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DOOM 4 Definitely Actually Really Revealed At QuakeCon

You know how id Software always used to say they'd tell us more about Doom 4 at QuakeCon? And that they really meant it this time? Then they stopped doing that because they never had anything to say about Doom 4? Well, you guys, they really mean it this time. They mean it so much, they've even whipped together a cinematic teaser trailer saying that…

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LAN, FOV, PC UI: Borderlands 2 Wants You Bad, Baby

The time: Autumn 2009. The place: My PC, Jim's PC, John's PC, Kieron's PC. The game: Borderlands. The situation: staring at router configuration screens, weeping, screaming, failing to make co-op work. The time: Spring 2012. The place: The internet. The game: Borderlands 2. The promise: Not to screw up the PC version.

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Lair Liar: Keep Your Word To Complete Promises

Being a notorious liar has gave me many opportunities in life: my zeppelin is made of gold, my cat is the last of its species, and I'm typing this from the top of Skull Mountain. But it also made playing increpare's tiny, dungeon crawler Promises really tough, as you need to keep your promises to snatch the keys to complete the game. I don't want…

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