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Feature: Power in Numbers

Premature Evaluation: Super Dungeon Run

Each week Marsh Davies picks up his cudgel and pelts into the dank depths of Early Access, thrashing wildly, returning with any stories he can find, if he returns at all. This week he’s been playing Super Dungeon Run, a chirpy top-down brawler that combines Diablo’s procedurally organised goblin grinding with Pikmin-ish mob control.Peasants just love gold. They are willing to throw their lives away…

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Woolly Liberatalism: Flock Demo Out

Proper Games' Flock is due out on the 7th April. To find out if you're excited by this news, there's a six level demo that's available as of today. We last mentioned Flock back in January, when some trailers appeared, and it immediately attracted readery attention, with people throwing out references to Tanktics and Sheep. The animal herding game, naturally using a UFO, is published…

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Acting Like Sheep: Flock

Capcom are so predictable! If it's not a game about a young lawyer solving murder mysteries with the power of his glowing necklace and dead boss possessing the body of a 15 year old girl, it's a game about herding sheep with a UFO. Just typical. The latter is Flock, a completely barking mad-looking puzzle game that... well, I couldn't have summed it up better:…

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