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Liquid Football: Rocket League Getting Free AquaDome

There’s always a lighthouse, there’s always a man, there’s always a GOOOOAAAALLLL!

Perhaps misunderstanding the phrase “back of the net”, Rocket League [official site] developers Psyonix have announced an oceanic haul for their bumper-to-ball sports ’em up. Next month will bring a free carfootie pitch set in a BioShock-ish undersea sportworld, named AquaDome. I always thought Andrew Ryan was more into golf (or golf was in him) but here we go. Two submersible-ish cars are coming as paid DLC too.

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Ready To Rumble: Rocket League’s New Mode Out Today

The new ‘Rumble’ mode for Rocket League [official site] is coming out today, say developers Psyonix, bringing giant boots and springy punching gloves to the beautiful game of car football. The power-ups will add yet more wackiness to the field following the basketball and ice hockey modes that came before it. But there’s also some money-minded stuff included in this update. The “crates and keys” system we heard about in the summer is also being implemented, meaning that crates will sometimes drop after playing competitive matches and to open them, you’ll have to buy a key.

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Rocket League Rumble Racing to Release Next Week

Rocket League’s [official site] new Rumble mode will bring a slew of delightful new powerups, we already knew, and now we know a few more things. For one, you’ll get to play with all of these new features when Rumble launches on September 8, at long last.

It’s not all car-soccer silliness, though. Psyonix are preparing for the next spate of Rocket League tournaments, and announced plans to include in-game purchases with Rumble to fund them. Wait, wait, wait. Sit down. I know that sounds scary, but it looks as though the Rocket League team are doing this in a transparent way that favors the players. Let’s take a look.

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World’s First Rocket League Champions Crowned In LA

The first ever world champions of Rocket League have been crowned after winning the grand finals of the Championship Series last weekend in Hollywood, taking home £27,000. The winning team, iBuyPower Cosmic, beat their European rivals Flipesid3 Tactics in the final, winning a best-of-seven series of games 4-2, among some very awkward celebrations. Meanwhile, the favourites to win the tournament had been thrown out on the first day.

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Rocket League Championship Finals Are This Weekend

It’s been a month since I was soundly thrashed by a professional player of Rocket League [official site] and I still haven’t recovered. But it makes me feel slightly better that the best players of the game are about to embark on a weekend of tense, tough-as-nails car football. The Rocket League Championship finals are taking place this Saturday and Sunday in Hollywood, and eight teams are battling for a share of the remaining $55,000 prize pool. Come find out where to watch it and how it’s all going down.

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Rocket League To Fund Esports With Crate Drops

The first Rocket League Championship Series is already underway, pitting players of cars-wot-football against one another to find the world’s best. I know this because I read Brendan’s article where he took on the pros and won lost repeatedly and instantly.

Now it seems the main game is going to be getting some Team Fortress-style unlockable crate drops in order to fund future prize pools.

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