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World’s First Rocket League Champions Crowned In LA

The first ever world champions of Rocket League have been crowned after winning the grand finals of the Championship Series last weekend in Hollywood, taking home £27,000. The winning team, iBuyPower Cosmic, beat their European rivals Flipesid3 Tactics in the final, winning a best-of-seven series of games 4-2, among some very awkward celebrations. Meanwhile, the favourites to win the tournament had been thrown out on the first day.

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Rocket League Championship Finals Are This Weekend

It’s been a month since I was soundly thrashed by a professional player of Rocket League [official site] and I still haven’t recovered. But it makes me feel slightly better that the best players of the game are about to embark on a weekend of tense, tough-as-nails car football. The Rocket League Championship finals are taking place this Saturday and Sunday in Hollywood, and eight teams are battling for a share of the remaining $55,000 prize pool. Come find out where to watch it and how it’s all going down.

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Rocket League To Fund Esports With Crate Drops

The first Rocket League Championship Series is already underway, pitting players of cars-wot-football against one another to find the world’s best. I know this because I read Brendan’s article where he took on the pros and won lost repeatedly and instantly.

Now it seems the main game is going to be getting some Team Fortress-style unlockable crate drops in order to fund future prize pools.

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Counter Striker: Rocket League Gets CS:GO-esque Loot

As if I wasn’t already struggling to not waste away my evenings playing Rocket League [official site], Psyonix continues to update it’s cosmetic loot system to become even more like something you’d see out of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I’m not even kidding, later this month an update will add even more rarities to randomly receive after competing in matches as well as a trade-in system so that you can put your useless items towards something much more fetching. Still not convinced? What about special items that track your stats. And to top it all off, they’ve even announced plans to add player-to-player trading. My guess is another six months and we’ll be reading about people making $6000 selling a rare wizard hat.

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Off The Wall: Rocket League’s Three-Laned Pillar Arena

One of the many things I love about Rocket League [official site] is that developers Psyonix have kept adding to their ball-cage-car ’em up since its launch last year. Part of their Rocket Labs casual playlist, Pillars is a new prototype level coming to the RPS game of 2015 next month that’ll significantly alter the playing field by dividing it into three lanes.

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Rocket League Gets Xbone Cross-Platform Play Today

Have you prepared your chants and jeers for Rocket League [official site] adding cross-platform multiplayer with Xbox One today? “You’re going home in the back of a Warthog.” Things like that. “Where’s your Milo gone? (Where’s your Milo gone?)” That stuff. “Two console wars and one E3, doo-dah doo-dah!” You get the idea. And after Edinburgh echoed with Sunshine on Leith all weekend, I realise you need a song too: Baba Yetu or At Doom’s Gate? What’s sportsball without friendly territorial rivalry?

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