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Shocks To The System: Solarix Interview

Solarix has all the makings of a Kickstarter success story in the making. A first-person psychological survival horror game set in a decaying science fiction setting, it draws its inspiration from System Shock and Thief. John and Alec have already cast their eyes over the game, but as I awoke this morning from uneasy dreams, I found myself transformed, at my desk, into a fervent supporter of sci-fi terror. Imagine the very real horror I felt when I noticed that the Kickstarter is just over 24 hours away from completion, with £7,000 left to raise before it reaches its target. I contacted the developers to find out more.

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Solarix: Hey, Who Turned Out The Lights?

John wrote about promising space-scares title Solarix last year, and aw, bless – clearly he didn’t even remotely suspect it would end up on Kickstarter. I’m much more hardened and jaded now, so I simply presume that any game which doesn’t have a big publisher attached to it will end up on Kickstarter or Early Access, or both.

With 22 days to go for its moderate £10k target and £1k in the bag already, this sci-fi horror game has a good shot at making it. Coming across like Dead Space and Amnesia spent a grotesque night together, the pitch video suggests good looks and solid voice performances.
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In Space Stations, Screaming Is Audible: Solarix

Cor, what’s with all the horror games of late? Amnesia: AMFP, Outlast, other ones… isn’t real life scary enough? Doesn’t the arrival of a brown, windowed envelope stamped with “Her Majesty” frighten people sufficiently? Of course, that’s the point, isn’t it? False scares, unreal fears, make for an excellent emotional misdirection from the scares reality has to offer. So once more you can distract yourself from the terrifying nature of reality with the forthcoming Solarix. A first-person sci-fi horror by indies Pulsetense Games.

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