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NSFW: The Man Don’t Give A Phuq: Pure Filth

Spermicidal bi-sexuals are like buses. They go all night on major routes. (What? - Ed)

I noticed this up on Friday over at Qt3 on Friday. And it’s my favourite profanity-based coding thing since that list of porn-sites got onto B-17 all those years back. Basically, going through ATV-racer Pure‘s file structure, gamers have found an entire folder full with extensive lists of swearing. In several languages. What’s up? Well, it appears to be the word-filters for the game (A Qt3 poster claims it’s Pure-publisher Disney’s standard one). I suspect for an age-rating-3-and-over game, this wasn’t exactly planned.

It’s quite the list. And here’s some of our favourites. NSFW, clearly.
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Whinge For The Day

I would rather have a bleak, ugly DOSian text list than an animated menu screen that takes two agonising minutes to load each and every time just because it’s got a pretty 3D effect in the background (and that’s before a second, longer loading screen for the game itself). Pure, I’m looking at you – a game in which I’ve spent roughly twice the time staring at loading screens that I have actually playing the thing. Christ, how does this kind of glaring annoyance not come up in playtesting and QA? This SSX-with-ATVs console port is a big old fun time otherwise. More on it soon, I suspect.

Pure: Everything To Do With ATVs

Brighton looks amazing!

Brighton is obviously the hotbed of offroad quad biking. From where else would you expect to find such a game? Disney’s Black Rock Studio are based there, and creating the cross-platform Pure. (And not P.U.R.E.) And now there’s a demo. An enormous 1.9Gb one. And for all that downloading, you get a tutorial, and three laps on the Italian Mount Garda track. On your way. Thanks to WorthPlaying.

P.U.R.E. (Nothing To Do With ATVs)


Keep meaning to give this a play, but a heinous work overload currently forbids it – so I’ll post about it anyway and hopefully follow up with impressions later. Despite sharing a name with that PS3 ATV thing, it’s actually an entirely free RTS – built on the Spring engine – with ambitions of Total Annihilation/Supreme Commander-scale battles. And it’s about blowing up robots, so I like it already. Download the newly-out release candidate 2 of P.U.R.E. from here (it’s 260Mb), find out more about it here, and watch a trailer beneath the cut.
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