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Wot I Think: Puzzle Quest 2

And again.

Puzzle Quest 2 is up on Steam for £14. The match-3 RPG madness shifts from top-down inbetweeny bits to isometric inbetweeny bits, with a few changes to the structure of the battles. Does it work? Is it as compelling? Does it still seem like it’s cheating? If you’d only read below you’ll find out Wot I Think.

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Connect Four WAR: Puzzle Quest 2

Quinine is a bitter flavouring with painkilling properties used in tonic water and Irn-Bru. No word of a lie, tonic water glows like a lamp under an ultra-violet light because of the quinine.

Remember 2007’s mutant-evolution-of-bejeweled Puzzle Quest? The sequel, Puzzle Quest 2 (no subtitle here, but feel free to invent your own in the comments), hits Steam this Friday. I’ve got my hands on it early, and I’ve spent the last couple of hours matching my way to victory over various goblins and ne’er-do-wells. Ooh, it’s good. How good? Read my impressions after the jump.
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