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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix: Downloadablosity

We linked to the online demo before, because we’re all about the linking. But that was just a single battle against a bloke who thrashed everyone, it seems. Now there’s a proper PC game demo out which allows you to play the first five (Count ’em!) character levels and generally explore its puzzle-game cosmos. Impresions follow…
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Another Dimension: Puzzle Quest Galactrix Demo

Puzzle Quest really doesn't like JPG compression. Man!

It looks like it’s going to be a day for returning 2007 RPS-favourites. Well, there’s another one later. Maybe more. The day’s early. Anyway – we loved Puzzle Quest‘s mix of light-RPG and gem-matching action. We were excited at the announcement of a space-based sequel. And now you can actually play the bally thing in a web-based demo. Some initial thoughts and a little gameplay video beneath the cut.
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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

Alec is feeling a little under the weather today.

While, as evidenced, Jim was running around like a TF2 scout at GDC, he didn’t see everything. GameSpot UK managed to get some time seeing the new Puzzle Quest spin-off, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. ENVY. We possess ENVY.

Putting aside the Euro-Sci-Fi graphics, the biggest change is that the game’s based around a hex-based board with a more unusual gravity. For example, in a deep space level with no gravity, the gems will fall in the direction they’ve been matched, rather than just straight on down. Which makes sense. As it’s in space, and there’s only momentum and stuff. Also, instead of a single character class, you can gain different ships, which act like proxy character classes, with individual bits and pieces. They haven’t mentioned anything about there being no cheating, but we suspect there won’t be any, as there never was. No, really.

There’s also footage for the game, which features Puzzle Quest designer Steve Fawkner talking about the game in an impressively fashionable leather jacket. At least for a game designer, anyway. That’s here.