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Feature: The domino effect

Have You Played… Pushover?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time. If you’ve paid attention to any of my ramblings here at RPS over the last wee while, you might’ve spotted I’m a sucker for puzzle games. It’s a passion that stems from a childhood sat steadfastly in front of my family’s Atari ST,…

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ZeGame Is A Neat Tile-Based Puzzler With A Free Demo

I know I go on a bit about puzzle games, but it's not just because I'm fond of them. I mean, I am, obviously, but I'm also fascinated by how developers manage to consistently create unique spins on familiar formulas. Like ZeGame [official site], for example. It's a tile-based puzzler that tasks you with guiding a green block towards a blue goal across a number…

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Crazy Like A Box: Six Sided Sanctuary

Oh no. This won't do at all. It's late in the day, my brain's as overheated as a duck in a desert and I just watched a trailer for Six Sided Sanctuary. It's a puzzle game and even though I know I'll be absolutely terrible at it, I'm already trying to imagine just how dastardly the later stages will be. There's a cube, see, but…

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Picross My Heart: Pixel Blocked!

What an exquisitely lovely thing Pixel Blocked! is. In a soon-to-be-shared interview with the developers of piratical romp Caribbean! I asked if there were any other games that should have exclamation marks in their titles and now this delightful puzzler has arrived with the sole intention of proving that it deserves that little rocket ship at the end of its name. With 8-bit inspired graphics…

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Mystery PI: Clicky Clicky Huh?

SpinTop Games (who are yet another of these companies that seem to mystifyingly sell PopCap games without mentioning PopCap at any point) have released their own puzzly obscurity, madly called Mystery P.I. - Find The Missing The Lottery Ticket. It is, in fact, a puzzle game in which you are given a list of about ten objects to find in a screen crammed with hundreds…

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