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Pyro Maniacs: Achieving Nothing in TF2

This isn’t a rant for or against Team Fortress 2 Achievement servers. It’s a recounting of the bizarre/hilarious/terrifying experience I had on one of them – yes, my personal reactions to what I encountered do inevitably slip in, but mostly it’s a portrait of this unique facet of gaming subculture. Whether you agree or disagree with their existence, these beat-the-system servers are fascinating enough to be worth talking about.

“Were you beaten as a child?”
“Scout need 2 kill scouts someone spawn scout”
“Retards ur all retards omg retards!!!!”

Having been away from the TF2 scene for a few months until very recently, I wasn’t previously aware of Achievement Servers. I heard about their existence come the release of the Pyro update, and the idea that there were legions of TF2 players grinding away like Lineage players on special maps for impatient unlock-hungerers was so curious that I had to see it for myself. As the sampling of chat-channel quotes above might imply, I wish I hadn’t.
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Rumours Of Fire Hose Denied: Pyro’s A Lady

Ladies and their fire.

It’s always important to note when you’re right. If you’ve read our Pyro coverage carefully, you’ll notice that we, along with the rest of the internet, believed that Team Fortress 2’s Pyro is a girl. And she is. It’s almost confirmed.

Robin Walker had a chat with CS-Nation, in which he said,

“We’ve never been terribly happy with the Pyro, in particular with her shallower skill curve than other combat classes. We really want highly skilled Pyros to be visibly more effective than the average Pyro, and the new features are designed to address that.”

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Pyro Pyro Pyro


In a bit, Valve, will be revealing the Pyro update here – 7pm GMT, if that holds. But the men of the press were able to look at it earlier here. We were among those pen-wielding men and then wrote this news up as quickly as possible. Except one of the men of the press leaked the link early, the 7pm thing went out the window and Gillen has to swiftly alter Walker’s beautiful prose to make the post vaguely work. Oh no! Our wives!

The bit you want to know: they have tweaked the flamethrower. Hit alt-fire and the regular Pyro weapon will send forth a blast of compressed air, capable of knocking enemies away, and deflecting enemy projectiles. Oh, and a Flare Gun, the Backburner, and the previously mentioned Axtinguisher. Much more below.

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Pyro Upgrade Dated, Meet The Sniper Tomorrow

Girl girl girl, she's a girl, she's definitely a girl.

When’s the Pyro update? When’s the Pyro update? When’s the Pyro update? Okay, okay, we’ll tell you. It’s Thursday! (19th). When’s Meet The Sniper released? When’s Meet The Sniper released? When’s Meet The Sniper released? TUESDAY! (At 11am PDT/7pm GMT, to be specific).

This will lead into another of Valve’s free Team Fortress 2 weekends, so even the most unsure can check out the Pyro’s three unlockable weapons and 35 new achievements (if they play fast enough). Also in the update are two user-created TF2 maps, which Valve say is to, “highlight the great work being done in the community and distribute those works to all TF2 players.”

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TF2 Pyro Pack Almost Ready

And MY axtinguisher!

Good news for Pyro fans (apart from those who fear change, but love forums) – Valve are almost ready to release the next big Team Fortress 2 update. Which of course brings with it the new Meet The Sniper movie, as we oh-so exclusively revealed last week.

This includes the introduction of a new unlockable weapon for the Pyro, the Axtinguisher. (Best name ever?) Dishing out half-damage when used alone, if used to chop a player you’ve already set on fire (it’s funny how innocent this seems in the context of the game) it guarantees a critical hit. Valve say,

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The PC’s Samus? Pyro’s Gender To Be Revealed


Relaxing with the new PCG: UK podcast, I was entirely unsurprised – if only because Dep-Ed Edwards had told me about it beforehand – to hear the Master of Stealth Tom Francis reveal a little gossip hot from Valve’s Robin Walker. Firstly, they’re still doing the class movies – the next was to be the Medic, to roll out with the class achievements, but it wasn’t quite what they wanted so are reworking. The next will be the Pyro which will “apparently clear up the pyro’s gender”, according to Francis.

For those who haven’t been following the (er) controversy, careful exploration reveals a delightfully girly purse in the Pyro’s locker. Or maybe, as PCG notes, maybe he’s Tellytubby Tinky Winky.

Eternal Flame

Anyone feeling left feeling a little meh by the Team Fortress 2 Demoman video today may find their spirits uplifted by Lit Fuse Films’ incredible TF2 fan-film Ignis Solus. As I observed a while back, Pyro is lonely. So lonely. And this is how he copes with it.

Tragic, witty, beautifully edited and heavy with in-jokes on the nature of multiplayer shooters, it’s billed as the first TF2 machinima – and is hopefully the first of many. I’m pretty sure there’ll be some folks at Valve watching this with great admiration too.

Lit Fuse’s site is (understandably) experiencing heavy traffic and conking out at the moment, but here’s a low-res Youtube jobbie. For a big, shiny HD version – which I strongly recommend – trundle over here.

Thanks to reader Monkfish for pointing this out. YOU DID WELL.

Valve Announce Pyro To Be Tweaked

While chatting with Team Fortress 2 developer Robin Walker, he let us know, “We’re going to do a Pyro tweak in the next couple of days.”


Specifics of the changes weren’t clear, but when we put it to him that people felt he was comparatively underpowered, Walker diplomatically replied,

“The Pyro doesn’t get lag compensation with the flamethrower in the same way which other characters do for their weaponry, which I think has a really subtle effect on perception, and it gets worse as your net connection gets worse. It’s one of the vagaries of multiplayer. Sometimes you think that what’s going on might not be what’s going on. But this is why we gather lots of data.”

We’re hoping for slightly more range with that flame.

Go Team! Part 4 – The Pyro

Continuing our class-by-class ranting about Team Fortress 2. See here, here and here for the story so far.

Important update: this article was written in the earliest days of the TF2 beta, before The Pyro was patched to become more effective, and is subjective account of how it felt to play him then, not a review of the class. Please bear this in mind before you shout at me that I’m wrong and stupid.

I’m so lonely. No-one hangs around with the Pyro. Is it the gasmask, the fact they can’t see my face or understand what I’m saying creeping them out just a little? Really, that mask isn’t even necessary, making it a vaguely perverted affectation. Or is it the rodent-like hunched pose and thin-legged scurry, making me too ridiculous a sight to be taken seriously? All the other classes have a certain superheroic nobility to them; the Pyro’s just a little laughable to look at.

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