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Far Cry 2 – Which Engine Was That Again?

Let me tell you a secret. Sometimes when you read an interview with a developer, rather than having sat in the room with the individuals involved, it’s done by sending a batch of questions off and awaiting the reply. The trick is, ask questions that offer a sense of a narrative flow, and then arrange the results in such a way that it reads naturally. It’s not a case of faking anything, simply making a Q&A an entertaining read. (If you want to see the difference, check out our interviews with Valve which were all done face to face, apart from the Eric Wolpaw one. Very rudely, he failed to rearrange his wedding around our visit.)

Sometimes, this can backfire. For example, German magazine PC Games Hardware’s recent Q&A with the Far Cry 2 developers.

Slow motion car crash.

It all begins with a simple, innocent mistake. The thought that Ubisoft had licensed the Crytek engine. Find out what happens under the cut.

Beyond this, there’s some useful Far Cry 2 tech info to plunder, for those who love to know what their Direct X 10s are doing, the AI programming, and its “realistic fire simulation”.

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