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Hanano is a free block-puzzler from Jelly No Puzzle dev

I resist puzzle games, but it’s always a delight when I cave and give myself over to them. Today I’ve been lost in Hanano Puzzle [official site], a game about touching blocks to flowers to make new flowers grow. It offers repeated revelation in the way the best puzzle games do, by having levels that look impossible until you discover some facet of the existing rules you hadn’t previously encountered. It’s by the same developer as Jelly No Puzzle, which received a lot of attention and John adored back in 2013. It’s free; you could be playing it already.

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Wot I Think: Jelly No Puzzle

It’s been the buzz of the indie world – a puzzle game so fiendishly difficult that people pass it to one another like an illicit material. But I eat and drink puzzle games! They occupy a frightening amount of my waking life. A rare day goes by without my attempting a cryptic crossword, a killer sudoku accompanies my every early-morning sit-down, and my phone, tablet and DS offer me a limitless supply of puzzle distractions. I would like to meet the Slitherlink player who could outdo me. I eat puzzles like the hungry man I am. So bring on Jelly No Puzzle! Here’s wot I think.

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