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Quakelike: Tower Of Guns

Tower of Guns is a splendid first-person robot-shooter with randomised elements and power ups that stack, creating weaponry and skill sets that are ludicrously powerful and ludicrously ludicrous. A work in progress build is available to those willing to pay $7.50 for a preorder and I’ve spent forty five minutes ascending the tower this morning, pinging circular saws off angled walls, trashing hordes of robots and triple jumping to safety as avalanches of chunky, cartoonish bombs threaten to crush me. Levels are stitched together from a selection of predesigned rooms, some cramped and packed with whirling dervish-bots, others requiring vertical navigation and precision aiming. It’s the Borderlands of Isaac, a roguish Quakelike delight. But you probably shouldn’t play it. Not yet.

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