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Super Lovely Planet rolls out

The creator of fine timetrial FPS Lovely Planet has returned to that Lovely land with a new game, this time going platforming in Super Lovely Planet [official site]. It’s a 3D platformer starring a ball which intends to reach the end of each level. To do this, it’ll need to jump over gaps, weave past spikes, dodge shots, and so on – platformer stuff. But the original Lovely Planet was great because it streamlined the FPS while whacking in leaderboards, and this looks to do the same with platforming. Read the rest of this entry »

Super Lovely Planet going platforming in summer

Lovely Planet, the deceptively cute and pleasingly tricky time trial FPS, is getting a third-person platforming spin-off. Quicktequila has announced Super Lovely Planet [official site] will bounce out this summer, a 3D platformer inspired by 2D NES platformers. “The kind of ’80s 2D platformer that got mixed reviews on its controls,” he says. “Think Ghouls ‘n’ Goblins and Castlevania instead of Mario or Kirby.” Curious!

So as a nice yellow ball, off we’ll go rolly-bouncing through levels and onto heads. Like Lovely Planet, it looks a stripped-down lark about trying to master something simple. In this case, it’s the balance between precise rolling and speedy jumping. Peep the trailer: Read the rest of this entry »

Bullet Heaven: Lovely Planet Arcade Announced

Lovely Planet was… lovely. Colourful, cute and springy, it looks like a jolly little thing and it is, to an extent. It’s a tricky thing though, a hardcore shooter in a candy shell. Publishers tinyBuild Games have just announced that a sequel is in the works. Lovely Planet Arcade [official site] is the name.

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Cutesy Speedrunning FPS Lovely Planet Has A Demo Now

It is a nice planet, isn't it?

I know: you saw that screenshot, read the name Lovely Planet [official site], and rolled your eyes at ole Alice posting another one of her little wander ’em ups. The joke’s on you, clever clogs. Those colourful cloud islands? You go there to dash and leap around and murder things with your stargun. It’s a first-person shooter, see, about honing short runs to top leaderboards, dodging one-hit-kill enemies, optimising routes, and trying not to miss.

Lovely Planet came out last July, but now it has a demo out through Steam.

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First Person, Cuter: Lovely Planet

I spent almost a year of my life lugging a few Lonely Planets around in a backpack but I don’t think I’ve ever had a Lovely Planet to call my own. Gaming often introduces me to dead planets, toxic planets, desolate planets, living planets that eat other planets, and the occasional meat or bone planet, but lovely planets are rare. Quick Tequila’s first-person shooter lives up to its name though, with colours and cuteness aplenty. The aesthetic caught my eye but it’s the running, jumping and targeting that kept the eye from wandering.

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