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Duck Souper Mario Bros: Qwak Free-for-all


Remember when I raved about the PC-version of the ancient Amiga/BBC platformer Qwak? Well, if the thirteen quid-price-point turned you off, here is USEFUL NEWS. Jamie Woodhouse writes, saying that until the 22nd he’s taking a page from World of Goo and Crayon physics playbook, and doing a Pay What You Want sale. In other words, you can have a crack at the demo and then paypal what you want. I’m going to go and do it now. You can stay here and look at the video beneath the cut, if you like.
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Duck Super: Qwak

Gears of War's new artistic direction surprised many

In my morning trawl of the internet, I find myself double-taking. I see that there’s a demo of Qwak on the Mac. Which excites me, not just because I’m excited by the rhyming of “Mac” with “Qwak” – but because I can’t believe someone’s remade the ancient single-screen platformer. Surely it’s just someone re-using the same name… but no, it’s the original, remade, by original developer Jamie Woodhouse. And I somehow missed the PC version coming out towards the end of last year. Fucking hell. Qwak was simply one of the best games that Team 17 ever published and its Bubble-Bobble-sheen remains beautiful today.
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