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Duck Souper Mario Bros: Qwak Free-for-all

Remember when I raved about the PC-version of the ancient Amiga/BBC platformer Qwak? Well, if the thirteen quid-price-point turned you off, here is USEFUL NEWS. Jamie Woodhouse writes, saying that until the 22nd he's taking a page from World of Goo and Crayon physics playbook, and doing a Pay What You Want sale. In other words, you can have a crack at the demo and…

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Duck Super: Qwak

In my morning trawl of the internet, I find myself double-taking. I see that there's a demo of Qwak on the Mac. Which excites me, not just because I'm excited by the rhyming of "Mac" with "Qwak" - but because I can't believe someone's remade the ancient single-screen platformer. Surely it's just someone re-using the same name... but no, it's the original, remade, by original…

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