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Scott Miller Promises No Uwe Boll

Games Radar must be delighted.

It’s all go with Radar Group. After the site’s aborted launch and the reveal of Prey 2, followed by Scott Miller’s interview with IGN, Radar is now up and running, and already blogging.

While he repeats the word “storyverse”, although this time doubling the sinister nature with a “TM”, there’s some material in there that doesn’t repeat the recent interview. For instance, proudly declaring who won’t be directing any of their game-based movies.

“Depth [Entertainment – their “cross-media partner” responsible for the production of movies] will provide Radar with a deep talent pool for our projects, as well as be a good potential source for new concepts that can then be further developed into both game concepts and linear concepts. The Radar/Depth connection is likely the best yet conceived between the games industry and Hollywood, with both sides being equal partners with equal footing. Everyone knows Hollywood and the game industry have been oil and water in the past. Depth will prove – and is already proving – that the proper collaboration can be highly beneficial. We promise that Uwe Boll will never direct one of our movies!”

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