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Kick! Punch! Rising Thunder’s Technical Alpha Open To All


What do you get when founders of the world’s largest fighting games tournament and the former Capcom chap who lent his name to Street Fighter IV’s final boss get together? Not the most hardcore of hardcore fighting games, no, but a surprisingly accessible one designed to introduce the pleasures of face-punching to a wider audience. That’s Rising Thunder [official site], and you can have a bash yourself now, as developers Radiant Entertainment have opened its technical alpha version opened up to everyone, with no more waiting.

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Down Right False: One-Button Moves In Rising Thunder

Can a fighting game become mainstream in the way, say, League of Legends has? Like MOBAs, fighting games have years of unquestioned design in them, and bits hanging on from when they were a necessity, but can someone streamline them while staying true to their spirit and find a new, wider audience? The folks making Rising Thunder [official site] hope so.

The game has big fighting game names behind it. Developers Radiant Entertainment are lead by Evo founder Tom Cannon and GGPO netcode creator Tony Cannon, with former Capcom chap Seth Killian onboard too. Rising Thunder will be free-to-play, online-only, and actually playable on a keyboard – without any complex special move inputs to remember.

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Cthulhu Smashes The World: Stonehearth

What will we be describing promising games like in the post-post-Minecraft age? What will be zeiting the geist of 2016? I think it’ll be something to do with pigeons and cheese: you heard it here first. Meantime, we’re still in the post-Minecraft age, and that means attractive and inventive games based around cubist construction/destruction. Latest of those is Stonehearth, currently on the Kickstarters and immediately looking gosh-wow-yes-please. It’s a sandbox RTS with at least partially freeform building, and gigantic elder gods.
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