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CrossCode’s Update Expands On Its Best Part: The Story

CrossCode [official site] is a Japanese-inspired action RPG about hurling great big balls of energy to kill enemies in a fictional MMORPG. CrossCode deftly blends a lot of different retro-ish inspirations and looks great doing it. Our resident Lord of the Dance, Marsh Davies, thought so when he waltzed through its world, noting that the game-within-a-game narrative was a “surprisingly multilayered fiction, which, despite the chirpy caricatures, feels like it might go bleakly Ghost in the Shell at any moment.” And now that story is just a wee bit bigger with a new update this week.

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Premature Evaluation: CrossCode

The game's tutorial largely takes place on a cargo ship, the Solar, captained by a jetpack wearing tar, who is full of slightly mangled but suitably salty language. This enjoyable seadog stereotype is a rather indelible one, and I suspect it persists in the cultural imagination because, for most of human history, the sea was a thing that would surely fucking kill you, and anybody who made a living dicking about on it had to be either fearlessly stupid or stupidly fearless.

Each week Marsh Davies jacks into the virtual battleground that is Early Access so that his spandex-clad avatar may wrestle with the digital monstrosities therein. This week he’s uploaded himself into CrossCode, a top down 16-bit-styled singleplayer ARPG set within a distant future MMO, where the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds have blurred.

It is a strange vision of the future in which the world’s number one entertainment involves me slapping a hedgehog to death with my balls. These balls are sadly just glowing projectiles, of course, aimed in 360 degrees and fired continuously if desired, ricocheting off walls to hit enemies and switches out of the line-of-sight – but the game does insist on referring to them as “your balls” in a way which is either deadpan mischief or minor mistranslation from the developers’ native German. It is but one of many mysteries in the intriguing world of CrossCode – and a rather natty combat system to boot.

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Game Within A Game Within An IndieGoGo: CrossCode

It is never explained why there is a shipping container on his head and I would have it no other way.

“I’ve heard of CrossCode [official site] somewhere on here before!” you scream in fury at me, because you’ve just discovered you can pronounce square brackets and it’s freaking you out. Yes, Graham spoke of it in the dearly departed DevLog Watch almost a year ago when the demo I’ve been playing was far less robust. It’s about a futuristic MMO which is based on an entire planet rather than inside a computer, with players taking control of humanoid avatars. Lea, one such avatar/player, has lost both her memory and her ability to speak and must find out why. It’s colourful, witty, quite a lot of fun and devs Radical Fish Games have taken the crowdfunding leap on IndieGoGo to the tune of €80,000. You can play a good 2-3 hour early version via download or in your browser here and read on for my thoughts.

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