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Cyber Monday 2020 RAM deals: the best DDR4 memory kits

Black Friday is done and dusted for another year, but Cyber Monday is here for one last round of last minute RAM deals - and to save you the hassle of searching for them yourself, we've rounded up all the best DDR4 RAM deals. You'll find all kinds of sizes and speeds here, with Cyber Monday RAM deals spanning both the UK and the US.…

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Get RGB RAM on the cheap with this 16GB Crucial Ballistix kit

The early Black Friday deals continue this week, and one of today's highlights is this 16GB Crucial Ballistix RAM kit clocked at a nippy 3000MHz for £65 over on Amazon UK. This is the cheapest this set has ever been, according to my Amazon price tracker, as it's cost £78 or more for most of 2020. If you've ever wanted some rainbow RAM on the…

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This 32GB Corsair RAM deal is cheaper than Amazon right now

32GB of RAM is more than what most gaming PCs really need these days, but if you're determined to future-proof your PC or have your eye on playing hardcore simulation games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator on max settings (and fancy some added RGB lighting to spice things up a bit), then you can currently get a 32GB kit of Corsair's Vengeance RGB Pro RAM…

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These 16GB Corsair RAM kits are down to £54 / $60 right now

It is another week in the year 2020, which must mean there's yet another deal on Corsair's excellent Vengeance LPX RAM. Indeed, if you head over to Amazon right now, you can nab a 16GB RPS Rig-approved kit clocked at a very nippy 3600MHz for just £54 / $60 at the moment, which are some of the lowest prices I've seen for this particular speed…

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Newegg’s big RAM sale has a 16GB Corsair kit for a new low of $54

Newegg and Amazon US are going head to head on RAM deals today. While Amazon have a couple of 24-hour deals on HyperX, Crucial and Corsair sets, Newegg have shaved 10% off all their DDR4 kits, many of which beat the prices you can find on Amazon. The best RAM deal of the bunch is almost certainly a 16GB (2x 8GB) Corsair Vengeance LPX set…

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These 16GB and 32GB Crucial and HyperX RAM kits are up to £20 off right now

A lot of RAM deals have centred around Corsair's Vengeance LPX sticks recently, but the good news is that there are finally some good UK deals on Crucial's equally good Ballistix RAM and HyperX's Predator kits. Thanks to Amazon's ongoing gaming tech sale, there are loads of 16GB and even a couple of 32GB sets available with up to £20 knocked off their usual prices…

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This 16GB Corsair RAM kit is the cheapest it’s been for ages

If you're after some more RAM for your PC, then you'd do well to have a gander at this 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX set over on Amazon UK, where it's the lowest price it's been for months. Sure, at £65, the discount on Amazon's product page only says you're saving a fiver at the moment, but our price trackers show that you would have paid…

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Feature: How to build a great 1080p gaming PC without breaking the bank

The RPS Rig: Everything you need to play games for less than £1000

It's been a while since we first introduced the RPS Rig, our £1000 PC build that includes everything you need to start playing PC games, during which time prices for our prized components have gone up, down, or disappeared altogether. So I'd thought I'd give it a bit of a spring clean, especially after last week's launch of the excellent AMD Ryzen 3 3300X CPU.…

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Crucial’s cheap Ballistix RAM sale continues with more deals

The sale on Crucial's Ballistix RAM continues on Amazon UK today with even more great deals on their mid-range Sport LT and RGB-ified Tactical Tracer modules. Alas, yesterday's deals on Crucial's high-end Ballistix Elite sticks have all been gobbled up now, but you can still grab a 16GB (2x 8GB) 3000MHz kit for £52.99, or an 8GB (2x 4GB) 2666MHz kit for as little as…

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Loads of Crucial Ballistix RAM is on sale right now

If you've been thinking about upgrading your PC's RAM recently, then you'll be pleased to hear that there's a big old sale on Crucial's Ballistix RAM over at Amazon UK right now. Not only can you pick up their top-end Ballistix Elite RAM on the cheap (up to 45% off for the 2x 8GB 3600MHz set), but there are loads of great savings to be…

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Crucial’s new Ballistix MAX RAM lets you 3D print your own lightbar

While most of the CES excitement has centred around new graphics cards like AMD's Radeon RX 5600 XT, CPUs and strange new concept devices like Alienware's Switch-like UFO PC this year, Crucial have something a little different on their CES booth this year: a new line of next-generation high-performance RAM that lets you 3D print your own personalised lightbar.

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Crucial snatch DDR4 RAM overclocking record from G.Skill just two weeks after it was set

On September 10th, RAM maker G.Skill proudly proclaimed that not only had they just set a new world record for the fastest RAM frequency, but that they were also the first ones to go over the 6.0GHz mark (6016.8MHz, if you want the exact number, or 6016.8MT/s, if you want to be 100% correct in your terminology). Their victory has been pretty short-lived, though, as…

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I find Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s recommended 32GB of RAM disturbing (Update: and now lowered)

EA published the minimum and recommended PC requirements for Respawn's upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order souls'em-up over on Origin earlier today, and for the most part it's all pretty plain sailing. All except the recommended RAM requirement, which comes in at a whopping 32GB. Is this some kind of Jedi mind trick? Update 09/10/19: Turns out, yes, it was a Jedi mind trick after…

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CES 2019: Corsair’s tiny Capellix LEDs will appear first in their new Dominator Platinum RGB RAM

It's been five years since Corsair first unleashed a wave of rainbows across PC gaming peripherals with the introduction of their K70 RGB keyboard, but now those RGB nuts are taking their brightly coloured LEDs to the next level. Announced today at their CES 2019 press conference, Corsair's Capellix tech is a new form of LED mounting that allows for higher brightness levels, better power…

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Feature: An offer you can't refuse - this time for our US readers

Build a Black Friday PC: The best 1080p gaming PC for under $590

Black Friday is a brilliant time for upgrading your PC on the cheap, but arguably it's an even better time for first-time PC builders looking to assemble all the necessary parts for the lowest price possible. Now I've already cribbed together a PC for UK builders that can play Plunkbat and Battlefield V on max settings at 1080p for under £600, but for US builders…

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