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Feature: Slow & steady

Ramblings Of The Mad God, Day 3: Patience

Continuing a diary of attempts to best free indie MMO Realm of the Mad God Day two? No, you must be mistaken. There was never any day two, and thus no need to write about it. And if you ever hear that there was a day two, or anything about how many heroes tragically met their end within mere minutes as a result of a…

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Feature: Greed And Failure

Ramblings of The Mad God, Day 1: Folly

The plan: a document of ultimate triumph in Realm of the Mad God. Culminating, no doubt, in a climactic mano-a-mano encounter with the titular Mad God himself, Oryx. I have plan. I will execute it. I will document it. I shall not waver. It will be flawless. I will be legendary. The reality: a pathetic non-saga of greed and failure.

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