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They Are The Champions Online: Randy Mosiondz

All of RPS' writers have become cel-shaded in excitement. Actually, now we come to think of it, this bloke looks a lot like Randy. Though Randy has longer claws.

Halfway through my time at Cryptic, we stop to gorge ourselves on takeaway Chinese. I find myself sitting alongside the worryingly silent Craig Pearson of PC Gamer, the ever-lovin’ Keith Cross of and the charmingly self-effacing Lead Designer of Champions, Randy Mosiondz. Since he couldn’t run away as he had food in front of him, I figured it would be a good time to have a leisurely talk about the problem of flexibility in Champions, his biggest influences, the crossover between paper-games and videogames and… oh, whatever else we could yabber out before we ran out of fried vegetables.

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