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Post-Lovecraft horror/comedy visual novel The Miskatonic is out today

Here's a weird one to start your weekend on. I've been following The Miskatonic since its earliest concept drafts as a platform shooter. After a successful Kickstarter, it's somehow mutated into a grim, grimy and all-too-cheerful visual novel about the students and staff of Arkham's infamously evil Miskatonic University, and their place in a strange post-Cthulhu world. It's also out right now.

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In Soviet Russia, Humanity Is Against Cards With Party Game Soviet Humor

Rapscallion Games has taken some time to give glory to the Motherland with the development of the multiplayer party game Soviet Humor. This is the same studio behind the successfully Kickstarted Lovecraftian comedy/horror visual novel The Miskatonic, and they've taken the same great humor that spawned that game and put a bit of a Communist twist on it. да!

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The Miskatonic Proves Eldritch Horrors Can Be Adorable

The influence that H. P. Lovecraft's writing has had since his death hugely outstrips anything he experienced during his life. That's a bit tragic, sure, though possibly for the best; I think he'd probably be disgusted about what people do with his eldritch creeping horrors and incomprehensible nightmare realms these days. The most recent example: I've no idea what he'd make of The Miskatonic [official…

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