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The Doctors Are Out: Zeschuk and Muzyka Leave BioWare

It is Tuesday. You probably ate some cereal, went to work, and pretended to use the Force to open the automatic door at the grocery store - just like any other day. BioWare, meanwhile, ended an era. Specifically, Doctors Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka - the role-playing powerhouse's co-founders - have left the building. Now then, I will briefly interrupt this message to read your mind.…

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EA Studio Showcase Audiostreams

VG247 has a bunch of audio recordings of the presentations from EA's London studio showcase earlier today. The sound quality is a bit iffy, but the info is good. There's also a bunch of new screens. Mm, rich, tasty info. The lovely Ben Cousins on Battlefield Heroes. Both interview and presentation.The alien sex-fancier Ray "Bioware" Muzyka on Mass Effect PC. Hot.Talkomatic Paul Barnett on Warhammer…

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