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Oh Yes, And That Razer Announcement

Uh, hmm. So I completely forgot to post this on RPS yesterday despite spending time reading and commenting about it on other sites. Well, we don’t really cover hardware at the moment. I mean we probably should, but we don’t do it routinely. That’s my excuse. Anyway, Razer’s big announcement was a gaming laptop, the cleverly named “Razer Blade“, which they somehow believe is the world’s first gaming laptop (as evidenced in their reveal video, below). The specs are ok, I suppose – 2.8GHz i7, 8GB RAM, GeForce GT555M – but the real appeal of it is the weight and size: 125mm 22.5mm thick, and 3.2kg. Which means it is pretty portable. It also has an outrageously snazzy touchpad/screen thing and LCD hotkeys. Lovely. Sadly it costs $2,800. Eep.
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