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New! Exciting! The RPS Writer Hive

We get sent a lot of emails from people asking to write for us. Some want money, so we hiss at them until they leave us alone. We’re unbelievably poor! If we give you some of our money, we’ll surely die. Many don’t want shiny gold, merely prestige and appreciation, and while we’re pleased to be thought of so highly (you make us feel like a natural woman) we’re still not up for posting unsolicited submissions. RPS’ tone is important to us and if we open the door to one thing, we’ll never be able to close it. Like that scene where they turn off the ghost storage machine in Ghostbusters, only with crazed rants about Bioshock instead of skeletal taxi drivers.

But! We really would like to support budding games writers – reviewers, interviewers, feature writers, diarists… People who want to write about videogames. So we’ve created a new section on the forum specifically to showcase them: the Writer Hive.
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