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Feature: You can learn a lot about yourself from your phone's predictive text

Have you played… The Predictive Text Game?

So here's how the Predictive Text Game works. Got your phone ready? Good. Type one of the below starting phrases into your phone (I type it into my note-taking app rather than in a message, in case I accidentally send a friend or family member an extremely confusing text). Then, just tap the central predictive text option until you end up with a sentence.You can…

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Feature: Can you link Tom Hanks to David Tennant in 3 steps or fewer?

Have You Played… Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?

That's the name for this sort of thing, isn't it? Though it needn't be confined to just Kevin Bacon. If you're good with names and faces and you're after a fun little game to play with a friend or two to pass the time, "Six Degrees" is perfect. Here's the best way to play.

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BOOM! The RPS Social Club Rides Again

BOOM! That is the noise of the drinking drum, summoning you lot into action, because the London branch of the Rock, Paper, Shotgun Social Club has finalised the dates for its next three meets. Including, no kidding, a Ladies Night.What are you doing on Saturday the 16th of July, Saturday the 13th of August and Saturday the 27th of August? That's a trick question, by…

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RPS Social Club: Up North, May 28th

UPDATE: This has now relocated to Kyoto Bar, details here.I once heard that a man can lose himself in London. Lose himself. I was considering jumping on a train to that there capital city for the next London based RPS Social Club meeting, but abject fear of the tube (TRAINS UNDER THE GROUND?!?!) and the fact that I don't own a bowler hat are preventing…

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RPS Social Club Meeting April 16th, May 28th

Last month's RPS social club meet-up (which I told you guys about here) in London was a thing of beauty. Good people. Laughter. Somebody buying me a pint of Guinness so that I would have some iron.Almost as excitingly, the venue - the Blue Posts pub - kicked ass, so it's my great pleasure to confirm that we've got it booked from 8pm for the…

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Alestorm: RPS Social Club Meets March 19th

Calendars and alka seltzer at the ready, ladies and gents! And, uh, axes, apparently! The details of the second ever RPS social club have been fixed, and they are as follows: March 19th at The Blue Posts pub in London. More details, an amazing promotional poster and some similarly amazing name tags await on our forums. After the jump I'll do my best to persuade…

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Video Game Piracy Taken Literally

What better way to round off a day of arguing about gaming piracy than with some perspective. Real, rather frightening gaming piracy. From an article in the Washington Post:Apparently pirates in the vicinity of Somalia have been stepping up attacks on [videogame carrying] trade ships beyond the Horn of Africa into the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, imperiling access to the Suez Canal.…

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Raiding On Your Resume

Cameron Sorden over on has written a piece arguing up the pros of putting hardcore gaming on your professional resume. He argues that gaming has all the qualities you might want for business. He's not the only person who thinks that, I'd wager.Every active member of a raiding guild routinely practices time management skills, conducts personal research outside of the game environment, self-manages to…

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