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APB: Reloaded To Be Reloaded Into Newer Engine

Remember APB? It was GTA Online before GTA Online existed. It was a massively multiplayer game of cops and robbers. It launched like a soggy biscuit and its developers, Real-Time Worlds, collapsed just weeks after launch. It was eventually bought by another company, GamersFirst, and turned into a free-to-play game called APB: Reloaded that we still didn't like. Yet the game carries on, buoyed by…

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APB: The Fashion Parade

Kotaku had a good day yesterday with me. But while I'm actually still trying to get to the new bits in the Rose & Camellia sequel, their news that Real-Time World's incredibly exciting MMO-GTA APB is what got my thoughts really racing. Not that they'll be a Beta - which is lovely, clearly - but specifically a snippet of footage in the comments thread from…

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