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APB: Reloaded To Be Reloaded Into Newer Engine

The customisation tech is impressive even now.

Remember APB? It was GTA Online before GTA Online existed. It was a massively multiplayer game of cops and robbers. It launched like a soggy biscuit and its developers, Real-Time Worlds, collapsed just weeks after launch. It was eventually bought by another company, GamersFirst, and turned into a free-to-play game called APB: Reloaded that we still didn’t like.

Yet the game carries on, buoyed by a small but dedicated audience and a team of developers who are clearly passionate about making it better. They’ve done a lot of work over the past couple of years, and a new post on the team’s development blog outlines the game’s future, while also offering some candid thoughts on Grand Theft Auto V.
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APB: The Fashion Parade

It's like the inside of Jamie McKelvie's head.
Kotaku had a good day yesterday with me. But while I’m actually still trying to get to the new bits in the Rose & Camellia sequel, their news that Real-Time World’s incredibly exciting MMO-GTA APB is what got my thoughts really racing. Not that they’ll be a Beta – which is lovely, clearly – but specifically a snippet of footage in the comments thread from Dave Jones’ GDC demonstration which I hadn’t watched yet. Somehow, despite being obsessed by other snippets from the same speech.

It’s of the APB character generator, and is probably the best example of the sort I’ve ever seen. And I’m going to rant about why that’s ace beneath the cut. At length. Yes.
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