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Smite: The Aquila/SK Gaming EU Showdown

Aquila with trophy and cheque

16-17 November saw Cologne’s ESL studio playing host to the EU Regional Smite Championships. In case you’re unfamiliar, Smite is a lane pushing game with third-person camera view. It’s like playing League of Legends except you’re down on the map with the characters. The Jumanji of MOBAs, perhaps? Anyway – here’s our report from the European leg of the eSports tournament.

It’s the grand final of the European Regional Smite Championships and Aquila are about to face off against SK Gaming. The atmosphere is a strange one for a grand final. The majority of eSports events pile on the pressure as they near their big finale. With this one there’s actually far less riding on this last match than on the two preceding semifinals. That’s because both Aquila and SK have – in some senses – already won.

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