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Red Orchestra: The PAX Trailer

If this morning’s interview caught your interest, then you’ll probably want to watch this. It’s an in-engine FMV sequence, rather than being actual game footage, but you get the idea. Tanks, men with rifles, machine-guns, hats. Lots of grimness. Yeah, there’s really quite a lot to look forward to at the minute, isn’t there?
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Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad: Vehicles

To anyone who swore and panicked their way through the original Red Orchestra modification back in 2004, or its commercial release, Red Orchestra: Ostfront, back in 2006, the upcoming sequel Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad should represent a big deal.

To anyone with no idea what Red Orchestra is, let me help out: It’s a multiplayer FPS, set on the Eastern front of World War 2, which captures above all else the grayness and desperation of those nightmare battlefields. Red Orchestra is a game of wincing at suppressive fire, of bayonet attacks, and of struggling to figure out whether that figure is a German or a Russian because muddy gray and muddy brown often look the same in dim lighting.

The sequel’s looking to expand on everything that made the original game great, including its horrific tank combat. Here, we present an exclusive interview with Tripwire President John Gibson, in which he talks freely on the as-of-yesterday unrevealed vehicle combat coming in the sequel.
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YouTuba: Red Orchestra 2 Dev Walkthrough

'Tag! You're it! Hans? Hans, you're it. Hans. HANS.'

The 25 minute Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad GamesCom presentation is now available for your viewing pleasure, and I’ve embedded it in the snug foxhole after the jump. It covers everything except vehicle combat, which I can exclusively reveal that Tripwire may or may not be talking about very soon indeed.

Maybe you don’t know about Red Orchestra. It’s like a normal multiplayer shooter, except set on the Eastern front of WW2 and bleak like an elderly man having a fag break outside a pram factory on the Moon.
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NuPics: Red Orchestra- Heroes Of Stalingrad

Damnable over-long game names. YOU DENY US OUR PUNS, YOU BABBLING SWINE. Grr. Anyway (I lose track of how many posts I’ve written whose second sentences begin with ‘anyway’. Anyway.) at the 1C event during which I cooed at Men of War: Vietnam the other week, I was also privy to a few more details on 2011’s long-awaited sequel to mod-gone-pricetaggy FPS Red Orchestra. The series began life as a multiplayer title, but this one, sometimes referred to as RO2, will feature a solo mode.

While the game itself wasn’t playable at the event, and the only video footage was a slideshow of screenshots, I do have in my possession a clutch of new screens and facts. To see them, you must dance widdershins around Ludlow Cathedral at 4am on the first night of the summer solstice. The ancient legends do tell of another way to access them, but you could never hope to work it out.
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