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Housebroken: The Very Organized Thief

Invading someone’s home to steal all of their most precious possessions should be empowering but in The Organized Thief, a free first-person robbery sim, it’s utterly terrifying. The house is the same on every playthrough but the list of objects on the thief’s checklist aren’t always found in the same place. I just spent several frantic minutes running from room to room, leaving scattered pillows and cushions behind me, as I tried to find a toaster. As it happens, it was in the kitchen and I had already collected it but I was in a blind panic and had forgotten where toasters normally live. The owner of the house had arrived home while I was performing my pilfering, you see, and I was trapped upstairs, cut off from the exit. They found me in a closet, trembling. Why not see if you can be a better thief than me?

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