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Feature: Not to be confused with Lifeless Planet

Impressions: Unclaimed World

Unclaimed World is a sci-fi colony sim game that took to Steam Early Access a few days ago. Right now it's only a fragment of the full game, so everything's subject to change and expansion, but its science-led approach drew to me to trying its initial public release anyway. I'm a sucker for science-heavy science fiction games right now. This perhaps has much to do…

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Feature: Interview From Another Planet

Offworld Survival: Refactored Explain Unclaimed World

Two-man studio Refactored gave us quite some cause for excitement when they recently showed off their extra-terrestrial colonisation strategy and survival game, Unclaimed World. With ambitious things being said, and Dwarf Fortress being referenced, I realised we had to find out more. I spoke to Morten Pedersen.

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Best Thing Ever Today: Unclaimed World

Crikey, look at this lovely indie RTS: Unclaimed World is "a single player game which takes cues from Dwarf Fortress and The Settlers but with more emphasis on survival, improvised crafting and research." There's a video of its beautiful rolling, living landscapes below in a video that shows scientists observing wildlife on an alien planet. Developers Refactored explain that they're aiming to enable us to…

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