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Freeware Gardener’s Question Time: 21/08

In a comment on one of the recent Freeware Garden posts, a reader lamented that its early morning posting slot – 11am, BST – meant that by the time they’d been able to play any given game, the post had been flushed down the RPS front page and any conversation in its comments had come to an end. Why not, then, set up a weekly slot on Friday evenings where people could convene, pick through the week’s selections, and have a proper chat about their thoughts?

Then I thought of the title and so it had to happen. Welcome.

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Freeware Garden: Remnants Of A Beautiful Day

Art! Such an elusive thing, innit?

Remnants of a Beautiful Day┬áis one of those games some would describe as walking simulators and others would refuse to even categorize as games. The much wiser Joel Goodwin would probably call it a secret box┬áinstead; an offer of moments or ideas for the player to explore rather than a test of the player’s abilities.

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