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Cock A Hoot: Leisure Suit Larry HD

I miss the square face.

As Andrew mentions below, HD remakes serve to make games look like your rose-tinted, 1920×1080 memories of them. Trying to play through the original MDK2 now is a tough feat, so having it remade for modern, hi-def eyes is a splendid thing. But the original Leisure Suit Larry? That looks like a pile of pixels even in my most optimistic memory. EGM are reporting that Replay Games and Larry creator Al Lowe have the rights to the games and plan to give them new life. As well as start on some new adventures.

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The Oh Dear Hunter: Tunnel Rats 1968

This is what about 90% of the game looks like. Except gloomier, and not at this jaunty angle.

It’s all too easy to mock Uwe Boll. But I’m not afraid of a lack of challenge. The long-time film director, famous for his tax-loophole-advantage-taking reinventions of game licenses, has become one of the more celebrated anti-heroes of the internet. Equally known for his vociferous and sometimes violent responses to criticism as he is for churning out unutterably awful films, he and his movies are a lot of fun to loathe. And then came Tunnel Rats. Apparently renamed 1968 Tunnel Rats for its cinematic release (I confess I have not seen the improvised Vietnam film), it was not based on any game license. However, Boll planned to reverse the process, and hired Replay Studios – they responsible for the terrible Velvet Assassin – to convert it into shooty-pixels. Bravely, like a brave soldier, I bravely played it.

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Velvet Assassin Trailer

Here’s a rather unremarkable trailer for Gamecock’s World War II Hitwoman game, Velvet Assassin. The premise of the female resistance fighter is okay, I suppose, but the trailer doesn’t show anything interesting, despite its wacky fades. Not holding out a great deal of hope for this one, especially since both WWII and assassin themes seem so tired and old. Mutter your own sceptical ramblings after the jump.
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Sabotage Sabotaged: Now Velvet Assassin

Ever fancied changing your name to let you feel more enigmatic, enticing, glorious? Sabotage certainly did. It’s now called Velvet Assassin.

Seriously, surely it has something to do with vaginas? It's a bleeding V for heaven's sake. Ew.

There’s just something wrong with that. “Velvet Assassin”. It just sounds… unsettling. But then, a rose by any other name is… well, actually “Velvet Assassin” would be an excellent name for a rose. Quickly, someone breed a new one and name it that. The point, wherever it went, is that it’s still going to be a game about sneaky-sneaky WW2 action. There’s some footage and comments if you can sneak past the searchlights below.

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