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The RPG Scrollbars Replay: Drakkhen

Hey, dude! What's up? You got my torrented Game of Thrones ready yet? What's with the altar? Your basement need tidying again? I told you man, it's cool. I'm a dragon. We're totally fine with a bit of mess.

Over the years, there have been many RPGs. Definitely more than five. Perhaps even ten. Every now and again we’re going to dig into the archives to take a look at one from when the ink was still dry on the Elder Scrolls. First up, Drakkhen [Wikipedia page], one of the more unusual games that I was never very successful at back in the 80s. But goodness, what a memorable half hour to fail at.

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Telltale Ends Its Quest For A King’s Quest Revival

I’ll admit, I’m rather bemused by the desire for more King’s Quest. It seems that everyone else has far more affection for the series than I ever mustered, far preferring the runs of Police Quest, Space Quest and Quest For Glory. I’d throw money at a Police Quest Kickstarter so hard it’d fall over backward. But reviving King’s Quest is clearly the dream for many, and until recently, was a dream of Telltale’s.

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