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Requiem For A Closed Beta

After toddling around in privileged-few status for a while, Korean horror MMO Requiem: Bloodymare has now thrown open its doors for an all-are-welcome open beta/stress test, which kicks off on the 15th. You can sign up right now, though - go put your name in the hat. No hurry, really - the game'll still be free when launched, though apparently there'll be some subscription stuff…

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Having a Bloodymare

We've talked the adolescentier-than-thou Requiem: Bloodymare before, but there's a new trailer that promises to show how we can "Unleash the beast as you explore the mechanics and powers of nightmares." I suspect it won't have anything to do with my nightmares, which is probably just as well. Thanks Gametrailers! If you wanted to hack us to pieces for XP, we'd be perfectly fine with…

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