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Drone-Mapped Action-RPG ReRoll Is Cancelled

ReRoll, an ambitious post-apocalyptic RPG that aimed to use camera drones to digitally recreate Earth, is cancelled. According to an email sent to backers, “the development on ReRoll is over.” Pixyul, the developers, have offered backers a Steam key for their other game, BIOS, as compensation.

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First-Person Shoot-O-Racing: BIOS On Steam Early Access

That's a first-person shooter all right!

Small studio Pixyul seemed a touch over-ambitious in announcing dreams to scan the entire world with drones and recreate it in 3D with their first game, top-down survive ’em up ReRoll. We have not heard much about that recently. Their second announced game is far more modest, arguably more interesting (mapdrones aside), and something you can actually play now.

BIOS [official site] is what Pixyul call a “racing first-person shooter”, a time trial-o-rama about zipping through levels and gunning enemies as fast as possible, learning and repeating to shave seconds. It launched on Steam Early Access this afternoon.

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Zut Alors! Montreal First Real City Infected In ReRoll

Vite vite, ma petite

Should society be toppled by some terrible plague, I’d probably neck a few pints of gin then dance to pop music across the rooftops until I inevitably tumbled down. But you, you may have other plans. You know where you’d go in your neighbourhood, where you’d raid for supplies, and where you’d hide. The astonishingly ambitious online action-RPG ReRoll hopes to tap into that knowledge by scanning the real world with drones to make its own. And has now actually started.

The first city to submit to cyberfication is Canada’s fair Montreal, which is only fitting as that’s where Pixyul co-founders Julien Cuny and Louis-Pierre Pharand worked on Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry games at Ubisoft. Come, see Ville-Marie beset with a mutant plague in a new-ish trailer. Read the rest of this entry »

Survival RPG ReRoll Wants To Map (Most Of) The World

Yours for £30 each.

This is almost too ridiculous, but it’s got pedigree. Julien Cuny and Louis-Pierre Pharand, former producers and creative directors at Ubisoft on Assassin’s Creed and FarCry, have formed a new development studio named PIXYUL. Their goal: to map our planet at 1:1 scale using drones, and use the resulting 3D recreation as the setting for a survival RPG called ReRoll.

Video below which shows, at least, that they are not joking.

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