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Reset release date reset again, sad robots slip into 2017

We certainly have lost track of Reset [official site] since its just-about-successful 2013 Indiegogo. Overwhelmingly beautiful in screenshots and early footage, then even beautifuller in a second trailer, it sank into a long stretch of development with multiple delays. And now, two days short of its most recent release date, the huge project from just two people has slipped again.

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Reset Doesn’t Have Long Left To Make Lots Of Money

Reset blew us all away with its opening trailer. Heck, it blew me away with its opening screenshots. A single-player co-op where you time travel to interact with yourself, in inexplicably gorgeous graphics. That was all last year. Things went understandably quiet. And then the Finnish pair went to IndieGoGo to try to raise €65,000. Because I’m incapable of guessing the ways of mankind, this is the sort of project I’d be sure would ding its targets straight away, just because people would be interested to see such a beautiful-looking game with such a splendid premise get a chance. With 38 hours left, they’re still €22k short.

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Reset Wants Your Money, Offers Gameplay Tutorial

I have a theory: Reset is a prequel to Hard Reset, which is named as such because it's a lot more difficult since you're being shot at by robots all the time.

Reset is a snappy, apt title given its game’s time-rewinding proclivities, but at this point most of the Internet knows it simply as That Really Pretty Game With The Ultra-Sad Robot (Who Is Actually Not A Robot) Standing In The Rain And Each Piano Key Strikes Like A Glass-Shard Encrusted Dagger To My Tear Ducts – despite a recent trailer with a bit of puzzling. But are we looking at a truly excellent, moving experience, or just another case of Dead Island trailer syndrome? Well, we won’t really know until developer Theory Interactive has crowdfunded money coming out of all its wazoos, but it has offered a video tutorial to whet your appetite. See Reset in actual, non-cinematic action below.

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Exo-suits You, Sir: Reset Returns With New Beautiful Trailer

A robot in UK's apocalyptic windystorm of 2013.

Why do exo-suits look at their best when caught in a sudden downpour? Theory: we are all spawned by the same universe-birthing robo-horse, and the sight of graceful machinery being battered by the forces of nature triggers an emotional response like remembering our communal womb.

Other places exo-suits look great include Reset, a self-cooperative first-person puzzle game about time travel set in a rain-soaked city. Theory: is the name of the Finnish indie studio developing it. A new trailer soaks below.
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What’s In A Trailer: Reset Devs Explain Amazing Debut

I bet he's sad because everyone - including you - mistook him for a robot. You should feel bad about that.

So yeah, that Reset trailer. Its sumptuous eye candy feast reduced the Internet to a slack-jawed chorus of “oooos” and “aaaaaahs.” Pitter-pattering raindrops, gently wavering foliage, and a blinding sun holding two giant scoops of intrigue turned the “single-player co-op” puzzler into the talk of the town. It had a lot of graphics, I suppose, is the short version of what I’m saying. And yet, all of that heart-wrenching, gob-smacking robot-on-a-car comtemplaction came from a two-person team. Two. So then, the obvious question: how? And, perhaps more importantly, why put so much work into visuals so early? I spoke with Theory Interactive’s Alpo Oksaharju about avoiding Dead Island trailer syndrome and why there’s more to Reset’s debut than meets the eye. For instance, that robot? Totally not a robot.

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‘Single-Player Co-op’ Puzzler Reset’s Trailer Is Amazing

Sure, civilization may have ended, but the weather is just fantastic.

Wow. Reset‘s premise time-shifting, self-assisting premise sounded incredibly promising when we first heard about it, but the first-person puzzler’s debut trailer very nearly left me speechless. That doesn’t happen very often. I like to speech! In short, though, it’s two-man indie impossibility with looks that seem primed to tackle triple-A games, tear them limb-from-meticulously-rendered-limb, and fashion their extraneous As into a tasteful necklace. A sitting, evidently inactive robot and somber piano music are heavily featured. It’s pretty wild, especially considering that Theory promises “everything you see in the trailer is straight from the in-game engine, no up-ressed textures, geometry or effects. What you see is what you will get. Except hopefully a little bit better since we’re not even in alpha yet.” That sounds like a challenge, every other developer on Earth.

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Now I Want To Play Theory Interactive’s Reset

Don't be sad, robot, look at the pretty flowers.

I love the phrase “single-player co-op”. That’s because I’m a misanthrope, and other people ruin everything. But it’s how Reset describes itself, as spotted by IGM. In fact, it’s a single-player co-op first-person puzzle game, exclusive to PC. That’s the genre I was waiting for! And by crikey, it sounds fascinating.

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Videogames Killed The Video Star: Reset

RPS-reg Roburky has written an interesting if minor experimental game. It’s called Reset, and is available here. It’s inspired by and based around “Rest to Reset” by Trash80 (who you’ll know as the creator of the music for Darwinia). Roburky loves it so much he tried to turn its structure into a videogame – the best comparison is an alternate-dimension music video, with a game instead of film being used to illustrate and provide secondary-stimulation to the music. Its five megs, will take less than five minutes to play, and you can get it from here. Some thoughts beneath the cut…
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