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Apex Legends Season 8 is totally demolishing Kings Canyon

When Respawn said last week that the Apex Legends' map Kings Canyon would be "obliterated" in Season 8, I thought perhaps this meant they were going to whack a giant crater somewhere and call it a day. After seeing the new Season 8 launch trailer, I think I wildly underestimated their resolve. Kings Canyon looks like a wasteland.

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Apex Legends explosive new character Fuse arrives in Season 8

I can't believe it's been nearly two years since Apex Legends launched. Back then it had only one map and eight characters. Now the battle royale has three cool maps that chop and change as the seasons go by, and 15 (!) Legends. It's not long now until we meet the 16th either. Today, Respawn gave us all our first look at Fuse, an explosive…

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Why won’t anyone fight me in Apex Legends’ cool new boxing ring

This week, Apex Legends started its Fight Night event, plonking a great big boxing ring onto the Olympus map. Challenging players to cheeky boxing matches has always been a fun part of Apex, so I was pretty excited to jump into an official ring right in the middle of Respawn's battle royale. Unfortunately, a mere two days after the boxing ring appeared, no one seems…

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Behold, environment artists turn blocky levels into beauty

All of game development is magical, truly, but there is a very special kind of excitement when environment artists unveil their work. A senior game designer over at Respawn Entertainment has done just that, showing off what some Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond levels looked like before and after she turned them over to environment artists. It is, without exaggeration, wonderful.

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Apex Legends challenges you to a spot of boxing in its new event

Meet me in the ring. Not the normal scary Apex Legends death ring though, the boxing ring! Respawn Entertainment are kicking off a new collection event for the battle royale this evening: Fight Night. It's a new town takeover themed around the lovable murderbot Pathfinder, in which players will be stripped of their guns and face-off in fisticuffs. A new game mode is joining the…

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Apex Legends winter event brings back its best feature – the train

A few months ago, Apex Legends cruelly took away the train, the best bit of its World's Edge map, leaving us with nothing but boring stationary ground to fight on. Man, the train was amazing. Oh how I loved the rush of dropping onto that speedy death tube, wading through the gas of six Caustics in an attempt to find loot. It's a buzz we'll…

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Apex Legends dev wants to bring Wraith “under control” in Season 8

I have some bad news for all you Wraith mains out there. Not only have her abilities been nerfed and her Naruto-style run taken away, now it sounds like Respawn plan on making her even easier to shoot in Season 8. A developer says they want to bring the most popular Apex Legends character "under control" next season, potentially increasing her hitbox. It's not all…

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Apex Legends glitch lets you launch vehicles across the map

Deals deals deals! Just kidding - I interrupt your regularly scheduled Black Friday posts to bring you some delightful Apex Legends japes. Today in "what daft thing has Imogen done in a multiplayer shooter now", I had a go at replicating a glitch that throws Apex's new vehicles across the map. Actually, "launch" is probably a better word to use than "throw", because pulling off…

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The first Titanfall arrives on Steam, utterly broken

When you're dropping heavy machinery from orbit, a few dings and bangs are to be expected. Unfortunately, Titanfall's long-overdue arrival on Steam left it more than a little smashed up. Early reports from the mech battlefields suggest the 2014 game is pretty much unplayable, locking its fascinating experimental multiplayer campaign behind server issues and broken software.

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Feature: Use these Rampart tips and tricks to win more fights

Apex Legends Rampart guide [Season 7]: abilities, hitbox, tips and tricks

Rampart may not be the newest kid on the block in Apex Legends anymore, but she's still attracting a lot of attention, with many players encountering at least one or two Ramparts in every match. A defence-oriented Legend with the ability to create her own cover and increase her team's damage potential, there's plenty to like about Rampart, despite her shortcomings. This Apex Legends Rampart…

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Feature: Learn how to set up the perfect defence with these Wattson tips

Apex Legends Wattson guide [Season 7]: abilities, hitbox, tips and tricks

Wattson will probably forever be the most defensive and support-focused character in Apex Legends, with her unique electrical fences and Interception Pylons allowing teams to turtle like never before. We'll break it all down in our Apex Legends Wattson guide, with in-depth explanations and tips on her abilities, hitbox, playstyle, and much more.

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Feature: Use these practical Revenant tips to turn the tide of battle

Apex Legends Revenant guide [Season 7]: abilities, hitbox, tips and tricks

Revenant is a strong contender for the coolest-looking character in Apex Legends. Does his abilities match his intimidating physique? That depends on how and when you use them. Follow the top tips in our Apex Legends Revenant guide to learn everything you need to know to dominate Season 7 as the Synthetic Nightmare himself.

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Apex Legends reduces battle pass grind… again

Apex Legends' seventh season added in lovely things like a new map and character. However, it also brought about some rather unwelcome changes to the game's battle pass, making it superbly grindy to level up. Respawn Entertainment made it so the XP required to gain a level was substantially higher than previous seasons. After a lot of backlash, they recognised the issue and made attempts…

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Feature: Use these top-tier Mirage tips and tricks to bamboozle enemies

Apex Legends Mirage guide [Season 7]: abilities, hitbox, tips and tricks

Mirage, the so-called Holographic Trickster of Apex Legends characters, is perhaps the most satisfying Legend to play as when things go right. When you pull off that perfectly timed bamboozle or distraction with your holographic decoys... Man, it feels great. Our Apex Legends Mirage guide will show you how to make the most of Mirage's skillset, with a multitude of practical tips and strategies on…

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Feature: These Caustic tips and tricks could win you the match

Apex Legends Caustic guide [Season 7]: abilities, hitbox, tips and tricks

Caustic has always been a terror to play against in Apex Legends, particularly in indoor spaces thanks to his deadly Nox Gas Traps. But follow our Apex Legends Caustic guide and the tips and tricks within, and you'll find that he can be a menace anywhere on the battlefield. Learn how to use his abilities to swing an unwinnable encounter in your favour as the…

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Apex Legends director “refuses to crunch” on faster updates

Apparently, Apex Legends doesn't update fast enough for some people? Coulda fooled me, considering the last year has already brought us a new map, new variations on old maps, three new characters and a bloody car. Even so, don't expect Respawn to pick up the pace anytime soon. This week, game director Chad Grenier explained that the studio simply isn't willing to crunch in order…

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Feature: Master Crypto and his drone with these top tips

Apex Legends Crypto guide [Season 7]: abilities, hitbox, tips and tricks

Crypto is one of just three recon-oriented characters in Apex Legends, and thanks to his versatile and powerful surveillance drone, there is no one better when it comes to situational awareness. With Crypto, you must master control of both the man and the drone. A tough task, to be sure, but our Apex Legends Crypto guide will help you with all sorts of practical tips…

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Feature: Learn everything about the new Olympus map in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Olympus map guide: best locations to land

The third ever Apex Legends map, the floating island of Olympus, features quite a few differences from the previous two locations of Kings Canyon and World's Edge. From its brand new array of loot-filled locations to its long sightlines and fast travel times, there's a lot to learn about this place - and our Apex Legends Olympus map guide will get you off to the…

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Feature: Fly across the battlefield with these top Pathfinder tips and tricks

Apex Legends Pathfinder guide [Season 7]: abilities, hitbox, tips and tricks

Pathfinder may not look all that swift, but prepare to be flummoxed, because he is in fact one of the most mobile Apex Legends characters out there. As possibly the character with the highest skill ceiling in the game, it's a no-brainer that we compile this Apex Legends Pathfinder guide, fully updated for Season 7, which will take you through each of his abilities one…

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Feature: Use these Octane tips to run rings around your enemies

Apex Legends Octane guide [Season 7]: abilities, hitbox, tips and tricks

Octane may not be the most popular Apex Legends character, but in the right hands his aggressive and highly mobile skillset allows him to wreak havoc on enemy teams. Our Apex Legends Octane guide is up to date for Season 7, and will walk you through our top tips and tactics for each of Octane's abilities.

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