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Feature: Sorting your Peacekeepers from your Carbines

Apex Legends loadout guide: best weapon combos, popular loadouts

Making sure you pick the right tools for the task is admirable advice in every aspect of life, and Apex Legends is no exception. You can only hold two guns at any time in Respawn's phenomenally popular battle royale slide-n-shooter, so you have to make sure your choices not only suit your playstyle but also synergise well with one another. Our Apex Legends loadout guide…

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Feature: Think you'll know all of these? Skip to Expert

100 Apex Legends tips [Season 1] – Apex Legends guide, practical top tips for all skill levels

You may have heard that Apex Legends, the recent slide-n-shoot battle royale from Respawn, is a pretty damn good game. And now that Season 1 has been released, it looks set to be even damn good-er than before. Certainly enough for me to spend hundreds of hours collating the below 100 top Apex Legends tips and tricks on how to become pretty damn good yourself.…

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Feature: Octane might just be the new favourite

Apex Legends characters [inc. Octane] – abilities, hitboxes, top tips for each Legend

Season 1 of Apex Legends has brought with it a new character: the High-Speed Daredevil that is Octane, the ninth Legend in Apex Legends' formidable roster. So we thought it high time to revisit our Apex Legends characters guide and refill it with thoughts, tips and tricks on each Legend in turn, comparing their strengths, weaknesses, hitboxes, and abilities with one another to give you…

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Feature: Season 1 is here, and everyone is Octane

Apex Legends update [Season 1] – Apex Legends Season 1 patch notes analysed

Season 1 of Apex Legends has arrived, bringing with it a variety of long-awaited features. Our Apex Legends patch notes and update guide will walk you through all of the changes that Season 1 has brought with it, from the introduction of the Battle Pass and the new character Octane to much-needed quality of life features such as the new Report Player feature. So without…

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Feign Belgianness in Apex Legends to replace Battle Pass loot boxes with crafting materials

Canny Apex Legends have figured out a way to get crafting materials from levelling up the Battle Pass instead of loot boxes: by pretending to be in Belgium, a country which has cracked down on loot boxes. This results in a slightly smaller overall reward but materials do let players craft specific skins rather than hoping for blind luck with the boxes. All you have…

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Feature: Entering the Wild Frontier

Apex Legends Season 1 guide – Battle Pass details, Octane released, Apex Legends roadmap

Apex Legends Season 1: Wild Frontier has arrived at last! The new Season was launched with a patch that came out at 5pm GMT on 19th March, and brought with it the eagerly awaited Apex Legends Battle Pass, a brand new character in the form of Octane, and a host of balance changes, new features, and performance optimisations. We'll go through it all in our…

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Feature: Octane is here, and he is QUICK

Apex Legends Octane guide [Season 1] – abilities, hitbox, Octane tips and tricks

Season 1 is here, and leading the charge is Octane - the new character for Apex Legends, and the most mobile Legend we've yet seen. The trailer below describes Octane as being able to run rings around enemies, and, having played as much as possible of him since Season 1's release, they're certainly on the money. This might just be my new favourite character, and…

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Apex Legends bounces into its Wild Frontier season today

Apex Legends's first major update since launch is live now. New robo-legged (no apelegs here) legend Octane is all about going fast, although he's a bit tougher than his skinny Borderlands-esque frame would suggest. He constantly regenerates health, and can invest it in temporary speed boosts. His ultimate ability is a big ol' jump pad - a portable trampoline that can be used by your…

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Apex Legends launches into its first season tomorrow with mad lad Octane

Apex Legends kicks off its first cosmetic-driven season tomorrow - Wild Frontier. Players of Respawn's overnight battle royale hit can plonk down 950 Apex Coins (1000 is roughly $10) on the game's first Battle Pass, offering a linear chain of 100 cosmetic rewards to earn through play over the coming months. Those who can't wait for fashion can plonk down 2800 coins to skip straight…

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Feature: Turn the other cheek

Butt-slide Royale: Apex Legends and creative movement in shooters

I’m not sure anyone at Respawn has properly busted their ass on the curb. It hurts. The last time I cracked my rear off the concrete in a moment of skating hubris, I was limping for days. Fortunately for the fifty million folks flying around in Apex Legends, a billowing cushion of air has turned what should be an embarrassing accident into the most compelling…

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Feature: Knife to meet you

Apex Legends Heirloom guide – Apex Legends Knife Heirloom set, how to get Knife

Apex Legends' Heirloom sets contain items such as Wraith's Knife Heirloom, along with other of the rarest items it is possible to obtain in Apex Legends. If you've played or watched a fair amount of Apex you may have occasionally seen Wraith banners touting this wicked-looking glowing Knife, or even seen it in-game once or twice. Our Apex Legends Heirloom guide will walk you through…

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Feature: A smooth ride from here to King's Canyon

Apex Legends settings – reduce Apex Legends lag, settings to show FPS and Ping

Apex Legends has a decent array of video and other settings to customise between (or during) matches. And that's great; because success in Apex Legends, like in any high-octane competitive shooter, relies not just upon skill and reflexes but on how well you can actually run the game. To that end, our Apex Legends settings guide will walk you throguh the video section of the…

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Feature: "Enemy spotted." "WHERE?" "...Cancel that."

Apex Legends Ping guide – Ping system, Apex Legends Ping Menu, advanced tips

Apex Legends' Ping system is the gold standard for non-verbal communication in games. This marker system is not a new idea, but Respawn have refined it and made it so very easy to use to communicate with your teammates in such a variety of ways, that it's no wonder it was all anyone could talk about when Apex first released. Our Apex Legends Ping guide…

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Feature: Are the Wingman and Peacekeeper still at the top of the ladder?

Apex Legends guns/weapons [Balance Update] – best guns, weapon stats, weapon tier list

Every match, Apex Legends fills up its map with a massive variety of guns and attachments to choose from - as it should, being a battle royale. There are now 20 guns (soon to be more!) on offer in Apex Legends, each with their own unique stats, spray patterns, and quirks, which we'll go over with this weapons guide one by one. And now, Respawn…

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Feature: Helmet damage reduction LIES

Apex Legends Armor and Gear guide – Helmet, Backpack, Knockdown Shield, Body Shield

Each match, King's Canyon is absolutely packed with various types and rarities of Armour and Gear in Apex Legends - that is, Helmets, Body Shields, Backpacks, and Knockdown Shields. These items are among the most useful and vital that you can find in the game, and each type of Gear gives you a distinct and significant advantage for the rest of the game. Our Apex…

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Feature: And Robots Burn

Playstyle Royale: The Floor Is Lava

This is Playstyle Royale, where I pretend eight months going by isn't too long for sticking with the same intro formula to look weird, but also where I head into a battle royale game and try to win my chicken dinner while adhering to arbitrary rules. This week I'm playing Apex Legends, and the floor is lava. I'm going to win a game without touching…

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‘They’re just rumours, innit’ say Apex Legends developers on datamining

Rumours have been churning around data-mined discoveries in Apex Legends, only to be quashed last night by developers Respawn Entertainment. Or not quashed, as such. But they have said, to paraphrase, 'look these are rumours ok, you'll get your battle pass soon plz calm down'. Respawn's statement also follows Origin prematurely showing some users adverts for Season One, featuring a new mobility-focused hero called Octane…

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Feature: Hemlok time-to-kill and other stats

Apex Legends Hemlock stats: DPS, TTK, spray pattern, Hemlok Burst AR tips

Apex Legends' Hemlok/Hemlock Burst Assault Rifle is high-damage Assault Rifle that, curiously, seems to work much better in single-shot mode than using its signature three-shot burst. Our Apex Legends Hemlok guide will walk you through the various stats going on behind the scenes of this weapon, from DPS and fire rate to time-to-kill under different circumstances. So let's get started! Note: we will be fleshing…

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Feature: Hit the ground running

Apex Legends movement – basic movement tips, using Ziplines, how to slide, climb, and run faster

Movement and mobility is the heart of Apex Legends, the phenomenally successful battle royale from Titanfall devs Respawn - and no surprise, considering Respawn's previous games. There's a lot to like about the movement in Apex Legends, in your ability to seamlessly switch from vaulting a wall to sprinting and then slide-strafing to the right while blasting a nearby enemy; but beneath the surface, there's…

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