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Wot I Think: Crea

It is hard to divorce Crea from the 2D survival ‘n’ crafting games that have come before it. Five years ago we saw Terraria take Minecraft’s formula of day and night survival and flatten in along a single plane, with excellent results. A couple of years later Starbound gave it all a sci-fi skin, populated it with alien races and encouraged you to hop from world to world. Crea has been in early access for some years now and while it has many of the same elements that made its predecessors so good, the passage of time has left it feeling a little stale.

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Three Short Reviews Of Three Games About Pugs

“You live in Brighton, Alec, so you should write about this”, directed the tyrant Graham Smith when I inquired as to what my next task should be. I snootily informed him that ACTUALLY everyone in Brighton adopts retired greyhounds, and then grudgingly installed the very cheap The Pug Life Bundle, which comprises three faux-retro games starring the titular horribly mutated and suffering-prone dog breed that people who think decorative cuteness is more important than animal well-being are adopting in droves.

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Wot I Think: Trials Of The Blood Dragon

Ubisoft surprise announced, then immediately surprise released, a new game last night: Trials Of The Blood Dragon [official site]. Combining Red Lynx’s long-running motorbike stunt platformer with their half-idea standalone Far Cry: Blood Dragon is a bold choice. And having played this towering turd all day, one I can understand their wanting to keep a secret for as long as possible. I’m a little surprised they acknowledged it after release. Here’s wot I think:

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Impressions: Sherlock Holmes – The Devil’s Daughter

Frogwares’ Sherlock Holmes games have always been very weird. From the early awful fan-fiction-like conflations of Doyle’s work with his contemporaries, complete with evil staring Watson, to the more recent third-person festivals of terribleness, they’ve not managed to be good, but they’ve certainly managed to be strange. And yup, that’s not changing here. The Devil’s Daughter [official site] is like a fever dream, but a fever dream that’s been really badly made. Here’s my impressions of the first half, because good grief.

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Wot I Think: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

The original Mirror’s Edge landed in 2008 like a breath of fresh air. Gears of War had released two years prior and all the games in the world seemed suddenly to be brown third-person shooters about crouching. By comparison Mirror’s Edge, about a secret postwoman in an anti-utopia, had blue skies, interior decorating that favored orange and lime green, and a focus on leaping over walls rather than hiding behind or firing bullets around them. It had many flaws, but for me its aesthetic and the satisfaction of its free-running movement made it worth championing.

Eight years later and now we have not a sequel but a reboot in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. You are still secret postwoman Faith Connors bounding across rooftops in a dystopic city called Glass; your parents were still killed in protests when you were young; you still had a sister and still have an older, male mentor who trains you in running. Your moveset is mostly an unchanged combination of leaps, slides, wallruns, walljumps and swings. Sadly, many of the same old problems remain too, which we’ll get to.

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