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Adapt Or Die (And Reload): Arma 3’s 2nd Campaign Out Now

Arma 3's campaign singleplayer is being released in three chunks. The first, released late last year, was called Survive. The second is out today and is called "Adapt". There's a trailer below, which shows a player adapt from a lying-down to a standing-up position, and then there's an explosion and lots of little parachuting men. Woo.

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Launch Sequence: Part One Of Arma 3’s Campaign Is Out

When Comrade Stanton gazed into the beautiful behind of Arma 3, he thought it was a sideways roll for the series. Part of the problem was that the game's campaign wasn't included, and instead was coming via three "free" DLC packs in the months after release. Now the first part of the campaign is out, and there's a launch trailer below.

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